European collaboration

EPIC-Europe is a collaboration between 23 centres in 10 European countries. The centres involved and the numbers of participants in each country are shown in this map and this table. More details can be found at the EPIC-Europe web site.

EPIC-Europe is conducting a large number of analyses on the associations of diet with cancer risk, with a focus on the most common cancers such as cancers of the stomach, colorectum (large bowel), breast, prostate and lung.

A range of papers describing the characteristics of EPIC-Europe participants, dietary methods used, and the range of diversity of diets in Europe is available in a supplement to the journal Public Health Nutrition, vol 5. No 6(B). Dec 2002.

So far, research has focused on the role of fruit and vegetables, dietary fibre, meat, fish, dairy products and alcohol intake, as well as dietary-related factors such as obesity and physical activity, on cancer risk. More details of the findings from EPIC-Europe are found in the EPIC-Europe publications.

People participating in EPIC

_ Participants with questionnaire Participants with questionnaire and blood End of participant recruitment
Britain 76041 40901 1999
Denmark 57100 56800 1997
France 72000 24000 1993
Germany 55000 53000 1998
Greece 24200 24104 1999
Italy 47822 47822 1998
Netherlands 40659 36924 1998
Norway 34000 10000 2001
Spain 41529 40040 1996
Sweden 57932 57932 1996
Total 506283 391523

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